Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Old House (Take II)

This weekend we decided to explore the possibility of making a few changes to the kitchen. It could use a face lift. Above the cabinets are long boxes that run the length of the kitchen. We weren't sure if they were purely decorative or if they were constructed to conceal heating ducts.

Chris and I have decided that from this day forward, we're getting my dad for tools for Christmas/birthday. Tools and nothing but tools. Tools that might come in handy for folks that are working on an old house.

Tools that we can borrow.

Example No. 1: This tool has a camera and a light on the end on the end of a cable. Perfect for sticking up through cabinets to observe their interiors.

I should have taken a picture of the monitor. It was cool. And we didn't see any ducts, either. Good news.


  1. That is a great tool!! What about removing the cabinet doors, then replacing some with glass and leaving some open?

  2. Yes! Exactly what we were thinking! Good, good idea. We're still in the design stage and trying to keep it fairly inexpensive (if that is at all possible in the land of kitchen remodels) so it'll be a long time before we actually move on those grand ideas...but boy am I excited!