Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who Needs Clothes, Anyway?

We decided a while back that the large closet in our bedroom wasn't strictly necessary. We'd converted another bedroom into a clothes storage area and felt that this closet was taking up precious floor space.
Besides, Chris wants a bigger bed. One where his feet don't hang off the end.
And where my kicking and thrashing can't reach him. I'm what you'd call an 'active sleeper'.
Anyway, the closet had to go.
We dismantled the structure and threw the pieces out the window.
Our neighbors must have thought we were nuts.
Very handy, that window:
Now we just have to construct a door for the mini closet that remains, do some plaster patching, and paint the room. Eventually we'll refinish the floors so the closet outline on the floorboards will be erased.
Bailey loves the new mini closet. It's like his own personal dog den. He might just be allowed to sleep there when Chris is traveling.
On to the painting!