Monday, February 08, 2010

I had a most excellent visit to the dump today. I'm quite fond of the dump. Oh, excuse me, that would be the transfer station, in today's lingo. Or at least, I was fond of it until they yelled at us one day for sorting through somebody else's discarded rubbish. What do they say about one man's trash being another [wo]man's treasure? Evidently they've never heard of that at our dump. Quite disappointing. But I did manage to unload all of our ceiling tiles, carpeting and various other items. 

Fortunately, I was able to give most of the wood away for free. Thank you, craigslist. I still have a bit left over so I need to put up another posting. People picking up free things aren't always very reliable. They sometimes don't show up. Highly inconsiderate, if you ask me. 

To congratulated myself on a successful rubbish run, I took a few minutes to assemble this sweet little elephant. And here you were probably wondering what the picture at the top of the page had to do with a dump run. Well, er, nothing, actually. I just thought he was cute. Directions and plans here