Friday, February 12, 2010

Question of the Day

What exactly happened to the window in our office?

What's your guess?

Update: So I probably should have given a bit more lot more background about this wee little hole. Good thing my grandma doesn't read this blog. She probably would have expired on the spot from the fear and shock. Sorry padres. Anyway, the hole has been there as long as we've owned the house. I remember Chris commented on it when we first looked through the home back when it was for sale. My guess would be a grandson's  stray shot from a pellet gun. But that's just a guess. Unlikely to be a drive by shooting, given it's location and the neighborhood, but anything's possible, I suppose. 

My only experience with bullet holes stems from a project I worked on briefly in Walnut Park, in Los Angeles. The neighborhood next to Watts. Not thought of as a generally happy place to live. We'd show up to work and count the number of bullet holes that had magically appeared in walls during the night. Those holes were the size of my fist though. One nice pair allowed a person to look straight through the house: living room, bedroom, and out through into the back yard. Funny, I was in Orange County yesterday and a few girlfriends were reminiscing about that very same project. It's the kind of project that doesn't quickly leave one's memory. 

And on that lovely note, I'm off to feed the chickens! Hope you're enjoying your three day weekend, if you are so blessed with such a holiday.