Monday, March 15, 2010

Coffee and Coops

Yesterday Chris made a few changes to the interior coop layout. My initial perch was poorly reinforced and our rotund chickens had ripped it clean out of the wall a few weeks ago. 
 He also made nice door that operates on a pulley system. 
 I also put down coffee chaff as the primary bedding in the coop. It sure does smell good. I kept the pine shavings in the nesting boxes as I've been warned that the chaff sticks to eggs and causes an unsightly mess. 

I'm a wee bit worried that it's too light and fluffy. Phoebe took a few test flaps and suddenly the coop was entirely enveloped in a cloud of floating chaff. The girls were a bit bemused by this new type of snow. 

And I was not thrilled about scooping it out of their water dish. The jury is still out on the chaff.