Sunday, March 14, 2010


 I found a few additional photos left over from our trip down to Orange County a month ago. I really should be better about deleting the many, many worthless pictures off of Picassa. Wading through the bad ones to find the good ones has become a monumental chore.
 Back when we lived in Orange County, I was not a fan of the roving hordes of parrots. Seattle has a few flocks, mostly escaped house pets, that roam the city but the cold winter months usually temper their numbers. No so in Orange County. I would never acquire a parrot, despite my general admiration of birds. They are too loud and they live far too long. And when you have a flock of them sitting outside your window at 5 am on a Saturday morning, well, you're not sleeping for long.

A cactus. Notice the very narrow band of focus in this picture. It's actually a little closer (to the viewer) than it should be. Ideally, it would be a few centimeters further back so it could encompass the spiky projection. Reason #548 why I need to start using that tripod.