Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I would be posting pictures of the batch of beeswax lip balm that I just stirred up but my camera cord is not functioning. The lip balm is AWESOME, by the way. For someone that has perpetually dry lips, it's my very own slice of heaven in a tube. I am now determined to stash hundreds of little lip gloss pots around the house so they will always be on hand. We're still in the testing stage though as I have a few other recipes that I'd like to try. I'll post a few of them here once I've put 'em through their paces.

I would typically be running around trying to fix the camera cord (or find the manual) but I just fell down the basement stairs and while I'm not gushing gallons, I have an icepack strapped to my knee and my mobility is thus compromised.

I knew we should have bought a ranch house. Damn the stairs.