Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bee Update

Bad news on the bee front:

Mud Honey hive, while robust and full of bees, is without a queen. Or at least a queen that is laying. There was nary an egg or a larva to be found. Time to requeen. Pronto.

And Blue Moon is a mystery. Also no sign of eggs or larvae. But most puzzling: the bees were lethargic. Almost zombie-like. Barely moving. It was the most bizarre bee thing I'd ever seen. Starving? Maybe. Except that they had syrup in the feeder and plenty of capped honey. Simply dying a slow death because their queen and leader is gone? Maybe. Except what about the queen we saw a month ago?

I have NO idea.


  1. Do you have a local beekeeper chapter in your county? If not, email mine-- they're VERY knowledgeable!

  2. Thanks Jessika. We do indeed have a host of experts. I usually post questions on the puget sound forum. It's just that I've posted a LOT of questions lately; it's getting to be kind of embarrassing. Probably wondering what kind of shady beekeeping operations we're running...