Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fish Breath

Image source: here
this is a crisis. The last sardine factory in the US is closing down.

At the risk of drawing the disgust of the internet hordes, I'm going to fess up: I love sardines. Adore them.

Just made the peak of an arduous climb? Cycled a hundred miles in the rain and sleet? Have no food in your larder except that slim dusty tin far in the back?

Pop open a can of small, headless fish, slap one on a slab of bread, add cheese [because adding cheese to something always makes it better] and presto! A great meal! Lots of protein! A full tummy! Fish breath!

My old coworkers hated sardine day. Oh god, Sonja, not sardines again! I can smell them all the way across the office.  Or: I'm not hungry anymore, the smell of fish just ruined my appetite. Yep, I was not popular.  Instead of eating in the lunch room, I would quickly prepare my meal and then sneak it back to my desk. It never worked. I was always found out.

I had sardines for lunch just last week. And you know what, dear readers? I didn't hear one complaint. Not a peep. In fact, I had a coworker that sat right next to me the entire time. He even politely asked to share my sardines. He likes them too.

Here he is,  looking hungry: