Friday, April 02, 2010

Hair, Hair, Everywhere

I just read a few tips on the blog Craft about getting rid of that awful wet dog funk that seems to permeate everything this time of year, including poor Pepe the Prius. Here is the recommendation, which I will be carrying out with all possible haste:

"To eliminate funky wet dog odor from your car, soak a piece of bread in a bowl of white vinegar, roll up all your windows, and leave the bowl in the car overnight. In the morning, like magic, the funk is gone. There is a slight vinegar odor that dissipates in no time.

Additionally, for removing dog hair stuck to your seats, instead of expensive pet-specific fur removers, try a rubber dishwashing glove. Put that bad boy on, and run your hand across anything covered in fur (works great for clothing too)."