Monday, April 05, 2010

Hello, Ugly

May I present: The ugliest easter eggs that have ever graced the face of this green earth. 
 This one was voted "The Ugliest Egg EVER", and, not surprisingly, was the first to be sacrificed: it went into Chris' lunch today.
 The green ones were marginally acceptable

Next year I will not be using brown eggs from the girls. Store-bought white eggs, all the way. 


  1. Oh, I think they're beautiful!! The colors are so much more deep with the brown eggs than with white. I love them. :)

  2. Those aren't bad at all Sonja. You just didn't know that brown eggs act differently when dyed. Reds work the best on them. I did 6 of eah this year and I got great results.

  3. Oh, I love them. White eggs are overrated! My kids did the PAAS thing at grandma's and the colors were weak and wimpy looking. I was wishing we had some of our girl's eggs to try. I also must say I prefer the natural dyes with the white ones (onion skins, beets juice, etc) much more natural looking. And as for that "ugly egg" I think it looks like a dinosaur egg! Great job :)

  4. I think the deep colors are fabulous. Plus, with your girls, why would you buy store eggs?

    By the way, we got our first egg on Easter! Granted, it was from our new older girl, but still interesting timing. I actually brought it into work today, and the cooing (and vying for eggs) began.