Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Chris and Laura Busch's Wedding

The main reason we were down in the Bay Area was for a wedding. Chris' college/rowing buddy was getting married to a lovely gal from the UK. Unfortunately, we took exactly two pictures of the event and one of them (above) was fuzzy.

It was a gorgeous wedding: great location, perfect weather, tasty food. I ate way too much. 

Fortunately a few others snapped a few photos of the happy couple and guests. [Thank you Jocelyn!Her album can be viewed here.] That's another rowing buddy of Chris', Lopaka, with the bride, Laura, (center) and his girlfriend Jocelyn (right). 
The groom, Chris and Lopaka
And my most favorite picture: The Willamette Crew Boys: Chris, Lopaka, Chris, Greg, and Pat. They made up a wickedly fast boat a few years ago...

Except they looked a bit younger back then...

Such carefree days..

[last two photos courtesy of Nate Tjoa]