Monday, May 10, 2010

A Day At the Races

After our Mother's Day brunch, Chris and I headed off to Emerald Downs for some horse racing.

Chris chose this monster, #6:
It was a seriously huge beast:
But when it came down to the line, that monster was way behind and my sweet little pony was duking it out for first place with #5. 
 Come on #3!! Let's see some hustle!! 

I had to settle for second place. And this is where we point out that it's a good thing that neither Chris nor I are are big into horse betting. Our picks (time and time again) were not winners...

Chris' buddy's horse: Ain't she pretty? We got to go into the paddock and see her saddled. She was gorgeous.

 Chris looked at the jockey and commented: "Wow, I was his height back in 4th grade". Yes folks, horses see Chris coming and they visibly wince. Or try to run away. Or retaliate halfway through the ride by kicking him in the shin. Our family would not make for good jockeys. Or coxswains, for that matter. :)

   But as we were not there for riding, it was fun to sit back, soak up some sun, and enjoy the races.