Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Farmyard Help

Our future vegetable patch is looking dreadfully neglected lately. I'm waiting until we put the siding on the chicken coop as I don't want freshly planted seedlings to get trampled during the construction hoopla. Unfortunately, I've been a bit slow on getting the coop project moving. Thus, our small patch is collecting nothing but weeds. 

Time for action.

I sent the chickens up there on Friday with strict instructions to clean out the weeds and fertilize the soil.

They set to work immediately.
Bailey was instructed to supervise the cleaning efforts and provide security to the civilians.

He started out with the best of intentions.

Unfortunately, along the way, a lovely patch of sun-warmed earth caught his eye and he snuck (sneaked?) away for a brief snooze.

So much for taking his job seriously.