Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finished! The Master Bedroom Headboard

Finally, this project is completed!

As you'll remember, we had a variety old doors in the house that needed another purpose in life. 

And a new bed that was looking rather forlorn. 

We needed something. Desperately. 
 Enter our old kitchen door. 

I decided early on that this was going to be my project. I wanted to complete the whole thing by myself. And I was going to be proud of it, despite the flaws. And believe me, it has 'em in spades. 
I started back when Chris was out of town for the week. So I could say: Hey, check this out! I made it, and I still have all my fingers. The dear man is slowly learning to get less nervous when I use power tools. 

But I was careful. I got a safety tutorial from my dad and from Eric. Thank you, gentlemen. 

And I even fashioned myself a mini bench so Chris' tall, tall sawhorses would be appropriate for my height. Before that, they were up around my armpits. 
 I measured, and cut, and planned as I went. 
 There was a lot of piecing of parts together. 
 Holding it up, stepping back, thinking, pondering...

I got no help from this one. 
 The trickiest part: cutting the crown molding. Especially since my (err, my dad's) chop saw couldn't reach all the way across the width. 
 So I had to do the rest with a hand saw.
 Which didn't turn out too well. 
 But I was still pleased with the results. 
 I should have put more thought into the frame that would hold all the pieces together, though. Eh, nobody is going to see it anyway...

I had my first caulk experience. Doesn't look great...but that's ok. 

First coat of primer

 Second coat of primer
 And a dog that is covered in a light dusting of white paint
Things look slightly better when covered in paint
 And at last, the final blue-green top coat. Which was also a learning experience. Note to self: Less is More, when working with paint. Otherwise you will gets lots of drips that require sanding. 
 I also had a bit of a side project going at the same time. I picked up these tired old lanterns from a garage sale last summer. 

 They were dirty
 And had about 10 years worth of dust, dirt, grime, and various dead bugs. 
 And some oil. Which was promptly drained. 
But I slapped a few coats of primer on them too
 It wasn't perfect, but that's ok
 Fashioned a candle holder out of a canning lid and a pushpin

 And some sculpy clay
 And glued that sucker into place.
 Not half bad.

Add a coat of blue paint and we're good to go. So here is the final product:

As seen on craftomaniac.