Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 World Cup Bracket

I am usually loathe to reprint anything by Fox News but I'm making an exception, this one time.

Here is the bracket for the upcoming World Cup games. If the USA beats Ghana tomorrow then they'll play their quaterfinal match against either Uruguay or Korea. I'm betting that the Brazil vs. Chile, Argentina vs. Mexico and especially the Germany vs. England games will all be entertaining to watch.

Double click for the larger image or mosey on over here for the original version.


  1. Liana7:24 PM

    OMG Fox news? evil! lol, seriously, a major complaint from my mom (and this is why the comment is on your blog and not on facebook, so my dad doesn't see it) is that my dad has Fox news running constantly in the background. He works from home now, so...really...constant. Cannot imagine what Mom has to endure! Saw a clip on Jon Stewart a couple of days ago where one broadcaster was comparing her job to the president. yep.

  2. Ha, so true. Your ever-suffering madre!

  3. are too funny! But I agree, they really shouldn't ne allowed to call themselves a NEWS broadcasting station. The morning show is embarassing to watch.