Thursday, June 10, 2010

Congrats Megan!!!

Megan graduated from the UW School of Economics. 

 Everyone is so proud of her! 

 The economics department had a small ceremony and we got to dress up in our fancy duds for the event. Except for Chris who was stuck at work. 
 The BIG, school-wide event is this weekend. We can't wait!
 How gorgeous are these two sisters?! 
Did you notice that these pictures were taken outside? And that is wasn't raining?

It's about time, Seattle. This has been the soggiest, most miserable spring imaginable. We're ready for the sun.  This weekend would be nice. Especially since we're doing our Great Lake Washington Swim.

Well, if we actually go through with it. I poked a toe in the lake this morning. It was frigid. Felt like it was straight from a glacier.