Monday, June 07, 2010

Doggie Biscuit Delivery

We have the most awesome FedEx and UPS delivery people imaginable. Most folks, when greeted at the front porch by a tall, 80-pound black lab [that is not restrained/contained in any way] would be a little leery of progressing past this fearsome sentinel.

Instead, they leave him treats. And pats on the head.

Between the delivery guys and our neighbor Millie, that dog is spoiled rotten.


  1. Hahaha.. does this mean your new computer came!?! What did you end up deciding on?

    -- linds

  2. Not yet, still waiting for the current computer to give its final last gasp. :) But I *think* we might spring for an apple. Still pondering, though.

  3. Ahh... I must have misunderstood. I though the computer was dead - never to return again. Glad to hear its still alive and kicking! You know, if you want to hasten the whole new computer thing you could always *accidentally* knock it off a table or something ;)

  4. Excellent idea! Pour a glass of grape juice in its interior...

    I thought it was dead too, and then it suddenly revived itself. Which was disappointing. :)