Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Anybody else out there keeping tabs on the World Cup?

We caught a few games while on the cruise. 

The US is playing Algeria tomorrow in Pretoria; it's the final game of the C Group and will likely be the game that determines which team will advance. 

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  1. Hi Sonja,

    How are you keeping?

    The US has surprised a lot of us Europeans. The next games will be very interesting especially England & Germany. I'm originally from England!

    Hope your bees are well.

  2. Hi Cliff,

    Excellent, always glad to have a fellow football fan in the fold. I've been surprised by the US myself; we seem to be lacking the soccer mania that the rest of the world has in spades so I was thrilled by their performance thus far. Good luck against Germany, that's going to be a tough match. I'm still betting on a South American team taking the final game but as the French have shown us, anything is possible at this point.

    The bees are well, thank you. Hoping for some more sunny weather so the girls can get crackin'.