Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Projects: Patio Furniture

My confidence with power tools was bolstered by the successful completion of the headboard. Thus is was time to attempt a new project: a bench for the deck. I was going to start out with a table but was a bit intimidated by the scope. And my ability to create something that didn't wobble food right off the edge. So we started with the bench. Because it's better to wobble people off rather than food, right? 

Sometimes I am mystified by my own logic.

Anyway, back to bench building. I purchased the support pieces and set about fastening them together.  

The slats were a tad bit more complicated as I was determined to use some old cedar boards that we'd removed from one of our closet demolition projects. 

They had these handy tongue and groove sections that were perfect for fitting two boards together. No so handy creating bench slats, however. 
In the end, I ripped the protruding side off but left the grooved edge in place. 

This would come to haunt me later as I tried to drill holes through this narrow pieces. 

Major fail. 

So, the finished product is a little bit wobbly. Not so bad that someone would be dumped on the ground, though. 

And least I hope not.