Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Victoria for the Non-sailors

While Eric was out battling the seas aboard Different Drummer, Chris, Megan and I moseyed around Victoria. The great thing is that the city is compact and completely accessible via walking. Just wear comfy shoes and you'll be fine. 

We took in a few sights, including the petting zoo ($2/person):

a bike race (free):
The museum ($13/person, cheaper with student ID. And I'm going to incur the wrath of a lot o' folks here when I say...I didn't think it was worth it. And I LOVE natural history museums. I just didn't find the exhibits to be very engaging or informative. And, again, at the risk of sounding like a total snob: skip it, BUT make up for it by spending an entire day at the Smithsonian natural history museum the next time you're in DC. I know, you probably don't head to DC every other weekend [I've only been once in my life]...but it's completely worth it. Trust me on this one.)
The State Assembly tour (free, 30 minutes and very informative. Plus they include all the town gossip about the original architects)
 But, if we're being honest with ourselves, we spent most of our time eating. We're good at that. Our list of meals is as follows: Dinner at a pub (fish and chips), breakfast, ice cream, no lunch, dinner at a Thai place, ice cream, breakfast, lunch at a pub (hamburgers).

We also spent time tracking Eric's race via the Swiftsure race tracker. Which was great, until the wind died. And then we spent a lot of time saying: "They're STILL at 68% complete?! They were 68% complete two hours ago!

Anyway, we would recommend skipping the Harbor Taxis Ballet performance. It was a definite dud.
The two things we didn't do were Buschart Gardens and tea at the Empress Hotel. Both because they were dreadfully expensive (approx. $50/person, each). We peeked into the lobby of the Empress. And promptly turned around. Which was good, since they probably would have thrown us out a few moments later..

Overall, it was a very nice trip, despite the chilly weather.


  1. Victoria did have some great food. I'm pretty sure my eating schedule once back ashore was pub food, ice cream, pub food. We did end up going to the Stickey Wicket, the food downstairs was great, and we just avoided the beach volleyball court on the roof.

  2. Excellent! I think avoiding the volleyball court was a wise decision.

    I've decided that when in a commonwealth country, one MUST eat at pubs as often as possible.

  3. I LOVE the natural history museum. But I think that's because I experienced it first as a little kid, and as a kid you don't so much care about if it's informative. You just want lots of dioramas and stuff. The old time town was my favorite - I could have spent days and days in there! :)Sounds like a fun time - Victoria is great. We also enjoyed the tour of the state buildings. Buschart gardens is amazing, but wow - so expensive! Have you guys been to the Canadian San Juans? You should look into that. Salt Spring Island is the BEST!