Monday, August 02, 2010

Baby - Week 10

I joked with Chris the other day that if I knew I was going to lose so much weight in the first several weeks of pregnancy, then we should have done it years ago.

We laughed. 

And then, decided, frankly, that it wasn't a very funny joke. 

Years ago, we were not ready for a baby. Newly married, working crazy hours at our respective jobs, exploring SoCal. No, a baby would not have been a good thing. 

Besides, we had to make sure we were capable of handling another living thing. Which was why we got a dog. 

Thank you, Bailey. Sorry for all the parenting mistakes we made. I'm sure there will be many more to come.

My mom lost weight during the first several months of her pregnancy and it looks like I'm in the same boat. Not having an appetite will do that, evidently.  

Which is funny, since I feel like I'm constantly stuffing myself with food. It's 10:30 and I'm on my third breakfast. I can eat in the morning. And the early afternoon. But come evening, the thought of food sends me up to bed so I can curl myself in a fetal position and hope that my stomach holds. 

Chris has been making himself dinner a lot lately. I believe he's eating a lot of cereal. 

Who knew that the fetus, [currently the size of a raspberry] could make someone feel so wretchedly miserable. 

Anyway, I'm trying to remember what it's like to lose lots of weight because some January, when I'm a lumbering, waddling giant woman, well, I just like to remember how it felt to be slimmer.