Monday, August 02, 2010

Fish Lake 2010

 Chris, Megan, Eric, and I took a bit of a last minute trip over to the Leavenworth Area this weekend. 

We had our hearts set on floating the lovely Wenatchee River. Which was a great idea, except that we neglected to make reservations with a tubing company prior to our arrival. Oops. 

A word of advice my friends, make reservations on the weekends! 

We scrounged around and finally located a tube company. We grabbed a cooler (which got its own tube), a picnic lunch, and hit the river. I could convince neither Chris nor Eric to risk their cameraphones [what? You mind getting that brand new device soaking wet?] and I wasn't about to haul the SLR down the river so this one pre-float picture will have to suffice:
Halfway through we pulled over to a sand bank and broke out the food. Who knew that one could work up a mighty appetite while floating down a river? Mind you, there was no paddling involved here. Just sitting in a tube, feet up, beer [or, in my case, water] in hand, floating serenely downstream. It was hard work, I tell you. 

We turned out to have fairly lucky timing: an ominous cloud, with accompanying thunder and lightening, rolled in just as we were finishing up our last rapid of the day. Floating down a river in the middle of a lightening storm = not a good place to be. 

Later, we headed back to the cabin for some napping, board games, and dinner. 

photos: Eric Seeb
 We passed on fishing this time around but we're thinking that next time we'll haul out the boat and have a go at catching some trout. Or whatever they stock the lake with. 

 Messing around with Eric's camera:

Group teeth brushing. The J/S family members practice good oral hygiene, evidently. 
 Isn't this what one does at a cabin? Lounge, nap, eat, sleep?

 On our way home we managed to stop in at one quirky/unusual roadside attraction. Sadly, we didn't linger. 
And that, my dears, was the end of our Leavenworth adventure.