Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Girl/Boy/Who Knows

Last week I had an appointment at the hospital for some routine screening procedures. Interestingly enough, by measuring the width of fluid sacs along the baby's spine, doctors can tell if the little one is at increased risk for downs syndrome and spina bifida. They also do a fairly extensive family history interview (my favorite question: So, are you and your husband related? First cousins, perhaps?), looking for patterns of physical disability and hereditary diseases.

I asked the ultrasound technician if she could tell the gender of the baby. Frankly, it's pretty early: We were only at 12 weeks and we don't go in for our official gender-determining ultrasound until Week 20 - halfway through the pregnancy. 

The tech smiled. "Well, if you were my daughter, I could go ahead and tell you but hospital policy prevents us from sharing that information as such an early stage". 

Well, poo. 

She knew. And wouldn't spill the beans. 

I tried to decipher our images, armed with 15 minutes of internet research, but well, I'm not an ultrasound technician. I can barely tell the head from the feet. 


  1. Why does everyone want to know these days? I really liked not knowing but I think I am in the minority. Although I did get the doctors to admitt they also like having a suprise.
    I've seen so many ultra sounds and they've really improved in the last 6 yrs that it is easy for me to see where the head is. :-)

  2. I don't know, Luna. I think to each his/her own. I can see wanting to know! Makes name choosing much more exciting, and the baby room can be prepared better, as well as baby clothes. And I think having a brand new wriggly baby will be plenty surprise enough!

  3. Amanda W-P11:01 AM

    You can also only be so sure about "knowing". A friend knew she was pregnant with twin boys ... until one came out a girl. She wished she hadn't prepared quite so well.

  4. 3 kids and we found out for one of them. I was sad to know what I was having. It takes the fun out of it. Oh, and they can get it wrong just like Amanda said. Naming is fun but I wouldn't get set on a name because sometimes they come out and the name you loved just doesn't fit the baby. I say head to the hospital with a list of top 10 that way you have some great names just in case.

  5. Okay...I typed up a whole thing and it won't post.

    1) 12 weeks is a little too early to tell accurately. Girl parts are swollen and can often be mistaken as boy parts. 16 weeks or later is better timing.

    2) We found out with both and never regretted it. It's a nice little thing to look forward to at the mid-point of pregnancy. And it gives you a chance to prepare. Get all major purchases in gender neutral colors (bouncers, swings, baby carriers, etc.) so you can use them for multiple children and only wash clothes that are newborn and 3 month sizes. Leave the rest with the tags on them and wash them when you need them. That way if you need to return something you can.

    3) On your's head is on the right and it is in profile. The nose is in the middle top of the head and the mouth is open. At the top to the left of the center you will see a little white something floating there...that is the hand. On the bottom you will see the left arm laying flat with the body. In the center of the chest the dark cavity is the heart.


  6. I hadn't checked your blog in a while and was so happy to hear your great news! I hope all goes well for you during your pregnancy and look forward to seeing the newest member of your family. Congratulations, Sonja and Chris!

  7. To each their own.

    I know of one gal that's currently pregnant and they're waiting till the birth to find out the gender. The rest of our pregnant friends are finding out at 16-18 weeks.

    I definitely want to find out the sex, just my personal preference. The family is currently taking bets, it's going to be a long wait until September and we find out for sure. :)

    Thanks, Mary Ellen, we are so excited!