Monday, August 09, 2010

The Great Lake Washington Swim: It WILL happen...eventually

Some of you may have noticed that mention of our grand plan to swim across the width of Lake Washington had, well, not been mentioned on the blog, as of late.

The swim, which was originally scheduled for early June, never happened. In short, we chickened out. The lake was very, very cold.

But, we're back on. Determined to do it. Sooner rather than later, especially since I'm going to quickly turn into one heck of a non-aerodynamic shape.

Plus, my mom's neighbor Heidi keeps asking about it whenever we're down swimming at the dock. Clearly, our reputation is at stake.

Bailey and I took a jaunt down to St. Edwards State Park on Friday. Our astute readers will know that St Ed's was essentially the finish line of the swim, since we were starting at Mom and Dad's dock on the west side and heading east across the lake.

 From the other side of the lake, the dock looks very, very far away.
What we need is a calm, wake-free day. One that is preferably sunny. A tough combo. Keep your fingers crossed for us!