Friday, August 13, 2010

It's a good thing they don't have sharp teeth

The koi in the pond are seriously annoyed with my parents for going on vacation.

I was over there today and couldn't find the fish food. 
So they settled for sucking on fingers instead.
 They're not going to starve; they live 9 months out of the year without any feeding from us at all. But they sure do enjoy their fish kibble. 

We've had these fish a long time; most of them are 10-20 years old. I remember going to the pet store with my dad to pick 'em out. Most of them had names and were insanely tame; they'd come to the surface whenever you rang a bell. You can pet them on the head. 

Food is a good motivator. They caught onto the bell trick really quickly: "hear that fellas? She's ringing the bell! Food is at the surface!!"

 Food was also a good motivator for the beast (raccoon? eagle? heron?) that wiped out just about our entire family of fish a few years ago. Now we only have three left. 

I'm still mourning the loss of Blue Boy and Gorbachev. 


  1. Wonderful post! I can't tell you enough how great your photography is! What are the names of the survivors?

  2. we were just "petting" the koi at Swanson's Nursery last sunday. They are so funny! I had one head butt my hand like a cat!

  3. So, my fish names are not very creative. Keep in mind I was about 10 years old.

    A few of the ones I remember:
    We had Blue Boy (um, because he was blue and white), Gorbachev (a goldfish with a giant red 'birthmark' on his head, awful, I know), the Japan Fish (because it was white with one giant spot of red, like the flag), Goldie (pictured), The Orange One (pictured) and frankly, I'm not sure we ever named the black one.