Monday, August 23, 2010

Snow Peak Cabin in Colville National Forest near Republic, WA

Here are a few pics from our trip out to lovely northern washington this weekend. 

First of all, this is where we were headed:

And the lovely Kettle Crest Trailhead:

I should note here that I reserved the cabin 6 months ago. I was not anticipating that I would be schlepping a four-month pregnant self (and my gear) over five miles of steep trail at 6,000 feet.

Frankly, I was worried about  making it. 

I could tell Chris was too, especially when he packed the vast majority of our stuff into his backpack. This made my trek infinitely easier and I was able to reach the cabin with my pride mostly intact. Frequent stops, lots of chocolate, and Chris carrying our heavy water bottles all made it possible. 

 This area of the Colville National Forest burned in 1988. Much of the original (now dead) forest still remains yet 20 years of new growth is also present. It was a neat, rather stark landscape. 
 Made for some fun pictures though. 
 Chris and I loved the mountain meadows best. They were gorgeous. 
We were also worried about Bailey. Ten miles, carrying his own pack, is a lot for our old dog. Especially since he's had trouble with his hips this summer. But he was so jazzed to be there and probably covered twice the amount of ground necessary. He conked out once we reached the cabin and is sleeping very deeply today, but otherwise appears unaffected by the grand adventure. 
 Tanking up on agua. We don't go anywhere without his gulpy. 

 The cabin! At last!

 First things first: get the fire going. The cabin was well stocked with firewood, cots and propane. It's fancy, glamorous camping!
 The evening view. 
 Please may I come in for the night? I hear there are bears out here. 
 Door detail. We saw lots of deer the next morning. Hunting season is just around the corner so they were wise to keep their distance.

 The hike out the next morning went quite smoothly, especially since it was mostly downhill. I think everyone was glad to make it back to the car.

Can you read this sign? And the part that's been added in black sharpie? It was in the Sherman Pass outhouse. Hard to tell, but both 'trash' and 'remove' had been crossed out. I thought it was funny. I guess not all folks love mountain bikers. 

The drive back home was long but the landscape out there sure is beautiful. We were also in orchard country so I stocked up on 30 pounds of fresh peaches. It's canning time!

One of my favorite photos of the trip, taken on the fly.