Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby J - 18 Weeks

Thankfully little Baby J wasn't too shy about showing the full monty yesterday. So now we can refer to him as a him, rather than an it. Which is nice. 

Chris says he has his head and my nose. :)

 This last one is my favorite: It looks like he's sucking his thumb! Or brushing a stray lock of hair back from his brow. Or maybe just waving his hands get the idea. Regardless, we have movement!!

On a side note: Drinking 32 ounces of water one hour before the ultrasound, and then having the tech poke and prod your [now very full] bladder for 65 minutes = NOT FUN AT ALL. I'm sure it doesn't even rank up there on the list of painful medical procedures (can we saw colonoscopy, anyone?) but still...not comfortable. Chris is pretty good at picking up on my signs of bladder discomfort: my toes start wiggling and my glares at the clock become far more frequent. 
 32 ounces is a lot of agua, my friend. 
But now we are done, we have a baby gender and a positive health report. Things are good.