Friday, September 03, 2010

Baby J: The update

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are doing well and getting ready for a fabulous weekend!

Many of you have sweetly inquired about my current health recently and let me be the first to say, Thank you so much for asking. And thank you to the sweet folks that sent us cards, letters, books and kind words of encouragement. They were so gratefully appreciated. 

I am doing well. Really well, actually. I'm almost scared to write that down since, knowing my luck, I'm apt to get up from this computer and fall down the stairs or something. You know me. 

Saturday will mark the start of our 18th week. Physically, I feel like I look very pregnant, which means that I have a small-ish bump that is somewhat visible. It feels huge to me but probably just looks like a largish pot belly to most folks. 

I had approximately 3.2 months of feeling really lousy (think curled in a fetal position for the majority of the day) but once the morning sickness passed, I started to feel great: I have lots of energy and definitely have the feeling that "now is our time to get things done". Which is why Chris has a list of home improvement projects for this weekend that is a mile long. Social life? Ha. 

The urgency factor on home projects has definitely been dialed up now that we have a specific date by which they need to be accomplished. If it ain't done by early January 2011, well then,  it'll just have to stay like that for a long while. 

I think a few of you have clued in on the fact that we're going to attempt a kitchen remodel, in addition to several smaller projects upstairs, including Baby J's bedroom. We'll keep you posted on how those turn out. 

We're also feeling like this is our time to enjoy the last few months of being a family of just two. Er, three, including Bailey. I want to go out and travel the world right now, I'm feeling that good! But little things like the last backpacking trip, a last roadtrip, and a last plane trip, as a couple, are both bittersweet and exciting.  And I won't lie: a little scary.  The thought of marshalling a little person onto a flight and desperately trying to keep the volume down to a low roar, well, yes, I worry about that sort of thing. And, you know, trying not to lose said little person in the airport. 

It reminds me of the story my dad used to tell me about the time he went on a dreaded shopping expedition with his mom into New York City. He got tired and eventually resorted to following his mom by watching her shoes. Can't you picture that? A little boy is exhausted, dragging his feet, and whining. He happens upon the brilliant idea of just watching his mom's feet, that way he doesn't have to spend extra energy on holding his head up and staying close. It was a strategy that worked fantastically well until he looked up and realized that those weren't his mom's shoes that he been doggedly following for the last several blocks...

Lost in NYC*. My god.

Where was I? Oh yes, pondering the logistics of wrangling a baby/toddler/child. Fortunately for us, that prospect is a while off. So, as my mom says, I'm going to procrastinate the worry, at least for a little while. 

Right now the focus is on getting stuff done and (hopefully) enjoying another few months of our baby-free existence.


*The story ended well. He found a policeman who was in an intersection directing traffic and clung to the poor cop like glue until one very distraught mother showed up on the scene.