Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bailey and Katie

Another picture from the archive: Katie, Chris' family's black labbie.

What a sweet old soul. She perfectly fits my picture of the 'quintessential lab': friendly, loyal, and playful. Bailey doesn't count; he has a grumpy streak that spoils his happy-go-lucky image, on occasion. Katie was totally fearless, too. Add another dog, a moose, or a bear to the picture and she was a fearsome adversary. Protective of her people. 

Somewhere we have a picture of Megan, Alex, and Katie, all curled up in her dogloo together.  I've got to find that photo. It's beyond adorable. 

I was sitting here, watching Bailey snore away in the corner of the office. He's starting to remind me of how I remembered Katie: as an older dog. I never knew her as a young pup.

Bailey's muzzle is grey and his fur, especially on his back end, has that 'old dog look'. You know what I'm talking about? Just not very shiny anymore. Lusterless. We took him to the vet the other day and she prescribed him his first formal round of pain medication for his hips. Our sweet Bub is getting old. 

And it is so very hard to watch.