Sunday, September 26, 2010

To Celebrate the First Day of Fall (or to mourn the loss of Summer)

[This post is a few days late, plus: Seattle seems to not be abiding by the calendar this year and started Autumn a month ago]

I am of the opinion that it's good to make sticky buns once in a while...just to remind myself of how much sugar and butter are contained within. 

Plus, sticky buns remind me of London. Maybe because I like to eat them when it's cold and rainy outside? Or because my dearly-loved Paddington Bear adored them? 

Either way, today is a good sticky-bun kind of day. 


  1. Yay for sticky buns, and yay for Paddington!!! :)

  2. Katherine9:14 PM

    You celebrate with sticky buns (yummy by the way) we celebrate with snow...WHAT, there is SNOW in September??? yes, snow...Sunday was a sad, sad day.

  3. Snow?! Oh god. In that case, I've got NOTHING to complain about. :)This has been such a funky season for us; it's rainy and cold one day and then the next it's almost tropical, thanks to this crazy humidity. It's bizarre.