Monday, September 13, 2010

Watch Her Grow

Calling all Mamas! And Papas! You must watch this video. So sweet. And full of pep. 

And now I am really, really worried about how giant I am going to be in five months...


  1. You will be beautiful. Uncomfortable, but beautiful.

    All I could think during that was how lucky that lady was to carry high. I carried low and it felt like the baby was going to fall out all of the time.

    While I'm sad that I will never be pregnant again as an idea I will never miss being pregnant.

  2. You won't feel beautiful but you will be. :-)
    Plus, the first pregnancy belly probably will be smaller then your next one. And everything goes back after the first one without much trouble.
    With Lucia, I had the biggest belly out of all my pregnancies but I gained the same amount of weight as I did with Sam.
    There is a point where the belly becomes cumbersome but you'll manage. I made it through Seattle's hottest days ever recorded and been pregnant in every season.
    Have fun with being pregnant, there is nothing like it in the world. I too am sad that I will never be pregnant again and also happy.
    That woman had great clothes!