Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Baby J Duds

My dears, 

Do you ever have days that just seem to plod along? That have that 'eh' kind of feeling? Not good, not bad, just a right-down-the-middle, boring day?

I was having one of those days yesterday. 

And then, suddenly, it changed. Drastically. 

And became awesomely fantastic. 

It began with the arrival of this giant box.  Bailey has grudgingly agreed to be in the picture for size comparison purposes. He's a big dog...thus, it is a big box.

For me?

Nope. Not for you. 

For Baby J. 

 Amanda and Brian had sent us a treasure trove of baby boy clothes that their sweet Gabriel had outgrown. 

 They were soft, and vibrant, and gorgeous. 
Dogs! In wagons! It simply doesn't get any better. 
 Many of the clothes that Amanda included were from a baby boutique called Janie and Jack. We're definitely going to have to look them up; their stuff was so stinkin' cute. 

 Bailey is doing his best to lay claim to the treasure through squatter's rights; I picked two long black hairs off this sweet owl onsie before taking the picture. Jealous? Our dog? Oh yes.
 Clearly Chris will need to teach Baby J how to golf. Just so he can show off his haute couture togs on the green. 
 I don't know about you...but there is something about a kid in soft corduroy overalls. It just pulls at the heart strings. If I had to pick a favorite, this outfit would be it.
 Plus overalls have lots of pockets for storing grubby little treasures
 Baby J is going to be swimming in shoe choices. I had to convince Bailey he was not suddenly richer by five pairs of chew toys.  Such is life, dear dog. Just think ahead to all those dropped cheerios that are going to be coming your way; Baby J is going to become your new best partner in crime. As long as you don't hijack his shoes. 

Thank you Brian, Amanda, and Gabriel!!! You guys are wonderful. 


  1. Seeing the clothes made Brian and I both tear up a bit. :) So glad you like them. That wolf one is cute and if you fold up the cuffs of the overalls the wolf print is on the underside. :)
    My personal fav wasn't pictured but it's the long sleeve green/purple onesie with the horse on it. That was the outfit he wore in his famous "I don't like the pumpkin patch" picture.
    Much love to you both and Baby J. (And Bailey...next time I'll try to include a doggy treat. Sorry about that Bailey. No fair at all!)

  2. How sweet of them! You must have felt like it was Christmas!

  3. Oh...so much fun :)) Baby clothes and SHOES are the best! I love the dog in wagon one too.

  4. Again, these are disgustingly adorable. I love all the little airplane/car decals..

    -- linds