Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pat and Joy's Wedding

Right before we left for Hawaii, we attended the wedding of one of my best friends from high school. Even from the early days, Joy was the self appointed social chair. She was always the one thinking up activities, scheduling, cooking, baking, and hosting. Without her, my social calendar would have been pretty dismal.  So when she met Patrick, gregarious, fun-loving, out-going, a connoisseur of music and wine, it was the perfect fit. Think of the parties these two would throw! 

And, indeed, their wedding fit them to a T: it was a fabulous, jubilant event filled with friends, food, and dancing. A great, celebratory party. 

Their event was held in the Engine Room of the Georgetown Studios.  It was old-world industrial meets victorian chic. What a funky, fabulous location.

True to form, I forgot to take pictures. And the two that I did were blurry. So I borrowed a few from a diligently-snapping Marcilla:

 The nice thing about being pregnant is that I no longer feel guilty about being the first one to take a seat.   My feet hurt. Baby J is soooo heavy, let's sit down! Works like a charm.  
 Clearly, Sara and I matched both our outfits and our lipstick color ahead of time...
Reason #1 why I love weddings: The chance to see old friends from far away places. 

Also, did I mention that I'm going to have an easier time remembering Pat and Joy's wedding anniversary than my own? 10-10-2010. No excuse for forgetting that one..