Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving - 2010

Last night included some pumpkin carving, a few innings of baseball, cherry pie, and a wee kitchen fire. But we really don't need to rehash the fire details except to say that evidently olive oil has a lower flash point that I had thought. 

Just remember, kids: powder goes POW. Use the [baking] soda instead. And all will be well. [Eric gives this strategy two thumbs up].

How does this dog manage to insert himself directly into the middle of every single activity? He's got his head pillowed against a perfectly good dog bed, yet chooses to snooze on the plastic sheeting, amidst pumpkin gunk and sharp tools. 
We're not expecting many trick-or-treaters come Sunday but that's not too terribly disheartening: We've got caramel-apple crafting and a little Rocky Horror watching on the agenda.