Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Presto! House.

These developer dudes don't mess around. 

The view out our back window went from this (Sept 1):

To this (yesterday):

The new occupants will have a really good view of our chicken coop. 


  1. that's a huge house

  2. Yup. Very, very tall. It'll be interesting to see what they're asking for it...

  3. Oh my! That's enormous! I'm curious to know what they ask too...probably something inconceivable to us podunk WY folks, but the housing market is so varied in this economy it's hard to tell. Sad that you lost the view of such beautiful big trees...

  4. let's take a gander. New house, nice neighborhood. Well over $800,000

  5. I'll keep you updated. I'm not sure what the square footage is (and also not sure if they're doing a separate garage or not) but I'm sure they have a killer view. Unless our immediate neighbors decide to go vertical and then they'll have...zip.

    Oh, probably the biggest thing influencing the price though it that's it's on a fairly substantial arterial. We shall see..

  6. I liked view number 1 better... :(

  7. It sold for $830,000


    I still can't believe that a house on a busy, busy street would go for that much. And they have a kid, too.

    To each their own, I guess.