Tuesday, November 09, 2010


It's a tiny island, less than a mile long. It has a few beachside cabanas, a dining area, some kayaks, and a dive center. Plus a few palm trees. With a max capacity of 32 people, it's a far cry from some of the other massively crowded Belizian islands. 

And today, an email:

What happened during Hurricane Richard?  We are happy to report that we had little damage. You can visit our new blog to view before/after hurricane shots, as well as images of other things you might be interested in, such as the season pre-building and cabana remodeling that Cully is currently tackling. Our blog: http://belizeadventure.com/

We also have some sad news, our new rabbit Coco died over the summer. Apolitico was off the island at the time, and we had a substitute caretaker, so we aren't entirely sure what happened. She was our favorite bunny ever and we were all very sad about that.

Sonja here: Coco really was a sweet bunny. I'm not sure if we met the latest Coco or her predecessor (maybe a distant ancestor?) but she would come and nibble food from your hand. I'll have to dig up an old photo of her from an album. 

Here are a few photos from our last trip with the Fam:
I'm telling you, the eel was THIS big

The amount of water below Chris? More than a mile's worth. It's not called "Going Off the Wall" for nothing.

Kissing Pepe, my 2nd place finisher in the hermit crab races
It wouldn't be a vacation if there wasn't a hammock involved
 Belize, and in particular, this remote little patch of sand and water,  remains one of my very favorite vacation spots. And only a few hours from the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport, its pretty easy to access. Here is a link to Slickrock, the island operator, in case you're interested in exploring it for yourself.

This picture isn't from Long Caye, its inland near Black Rock Lodge, but my mom is so stinkin' cute that I had to include it.