Saturday, November 13, 2010

On pregnancy, in general

Two Observations:

1. My bellybutton is slowly disappearing. It's like watching something in reverse slow motion. It's rather  odd.

2. I've reached a point of laziness of which I'm not entirely proud. Today I called Chris on his cell phone from our home landline. This is typical: I call Chris all the time on his phone.

Except today was the first time in which I couldn't be bothered to walk down two flights of stairs and talk to him in person as he was cleaning the garage. I somehow managed to convince myself that it was sort of like a mobile home intercom system.

Kind of.


  1. you sound normal to me

  2. I have yet to do item #2. But, #1 I have experienced and it scared me to no end that I would end up with an outie. Luckily it never happened. lol

  3. I should add. We don't have stairs though. I'm sure that makes a difference.

  4. sounds perfectly valid to me!

    -- linds