Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sorry for all the Bailey photos recently. I'm sure they're not that interesting to everyone..except for me. And Chris. And maybe a few others. But Bailey and I have been taking some extended jaunts around the neighborhood and lugging around the camera is such a chore that I almost feel obligated to take photos. Here we are, back at the leaf pile for a quick photo after a swim in the lake. For him, not me.

A while back we had a discussion regarding photoshopping of digital photos and I wanted to show you a few variations on one of Bailey's photos. Still haven't decided on which one I like best. 

Here is the Straight Out of Camera (SOOC) shot (uncropped, unedited):

One with the color faded (I'm really liking this feature on iphoto. One of its few redeeming qualities, in my opinion):

Black and White:

And color boost:

Which one do you like best?