Friday, November 12, 2010

What we did yesterday

Whohoo for all these bank holidays. Chris and I had such a great/lazy/productive day yesterday. If that's at all possible. 

First up, we worked (and finished, mostly) this:

Still need to fill holes, paint, and put up trim pieces but the vast majority of the work is DONE.  Yipee. 

And then we spent the rest of the day window shopping for dining room tables and nursery items. I know, not everyone's idea of a good time. Many, many shops later and I am fully convinced my husband is a saint. Or at the very least, was exercising a good deal of patience. 

Which is why we went home, watched a movie and ate the newest twist on our old favorite: ice cream cupcakes. [The would be the lazy part of the day].


  1. Katherine1:39 PM

    The handrail looks great! good work :)

  2. That looks wonderful!!!! :) Impressive!

  3. Now I can rest easier knowing one of you is not going to walk off the edge! It looks wonderful - really opens up that space!

  4. This turned out really great! Well done :)

    -- linds