Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Workin' Workin'

A few photos from this weekend. 

Yes, we're still working on getting those stair thing-ys up. It's been a process. But the hardest part (getting our newel posts straight, level, and immobile) is done. At least I hope that was the hardest part. 

Shop Dog

 Step 1 is DONE. You have no idea how pleased we are with these two little posts. Or the insane amount of time that went into putting them into place. 

We learned a lot about our house. Namely, that after 60 years of existence, things aren't exactly level anymore. Not a surprise, but definitely a complication. We had to cut the base of the posts at a precise angle of 1.25 degrees. 

Holy moley it was a challenge. 
We also used a boatload of epoxy. I am now a convert to epoxy with micro balloons. Or, as I started calling them, The Magic Bubbles. 

So far, everything seems to be holding. Hallelujah.


  1. The best part of renovating an old house is finding out that things that were standard or trendy way back when are no longer trendy or standard. I discovered this when we were replacing doors in my dad's house. Who knew that a couple 8ths of an inch made that much of a difference.

  2. We are deeply considering a home with a similar staircase situation. So, today, I went back to look more closely at your posts. And, while I would, of course, research things moreso before doing any renovation, I have to ask; HOW did you get those posts secure? Only epoxy??? Did you use any wood biscuit-type things too?

  3. Good question, Jessika. And the short answer is no, we used epoxy, wooden shims, and ten inch lag bolts (two per post). We were working around some unique issues (mostly access) but also an electrical line and plaster ceilings of the floor. Slow. But mostly we wanted it to be so incredibly sturdy that it wouldn't budge an inch. It's a bit depressing just how much time went into those two posts but the good thing is that they are very solid and that the rest of the railing was fairly easy to install. And it made a huge difference; we love it!

  4. Uh. That should read: plaster ceiling of the floor below. I won't lie, the plaster is a $&@@&!

    Best of luck with your house hunting!