Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Workin' Workin'

A few photos from this weekend. 

Yes, we're still working on getting those stair thing-ys up. It's been a process. But the hardest part (getting our newel posts straight, level, and immobile) is done. At least I hope that was the hardest part. 

 Step 1 is DONE. You have no idea how pleased we are with these two little posts. Or the insane amount of time that went into putting them into place. 

We learned a lot about our house. Namely, that after 60 years of existence, things aren't exactly level anymore. Not a surprise, but definitely a complication. We had to cut the base of the posts at a precise angle of 1.25 degrees. 

Holy moley it was a challenge. 
We also used a boatload of epoxy. I am now a convert to epoxy with micro balloons. Or, as I started calling them, The Magic Bubbles. 

So far, everything seems to be holding. Hallelujah.