Monday, December 20, 2010


Last night we had a few visitors at the house, including 1-month old Logan. He sure was a cutie. And at roughly 10 pounds, Chris and I were able to get a general idea of what a person of that vintage is generally expected to look (and act) like. Which is a good thing, since our experiences with very-new-babies have been few and far between. Logan’s parents graciously answered all the questions regarding delivery, first weeks, adventures in cloth diapering, and sleeping patterns that Chris and I lobbed at them. Poor parents, it was like Baby 101: Q&A. But so desperately appreciated by us!

Later, it was off to dessert with a few gals from high school. Two hours zoomed past. I am so fortunate to have such amazing, engaged, and hilarious women as friends; they are exceptional people.

Also, did I mention that Chris and I finally finished painting the walls of Baby J’s room? Just need to get the trim done now. And the carpet…and the furniture and…Well, you get the picture. We have a lot left to do.

Regardless, I have a funny relationship with paint. I can’t get over how different color looks, depending on the light conditions. Poor Chris almost had to trundle back to the store for a second round of paint-picking after the first coat of was applied to the walls. I love the color when the lights are on…not so fond of it when we’re relying solely on natural light from the window. Too baby blue. Which, Chris delicately pointed out: We are having a baby boy so baby blue isn’t such a bad color. But I was still hoping for something a further over on the blue-grey spectrum. But I can live with it. And it’s growing on me.  Plus I’m too lazy to undertake the task of painting the darn thing all over again.