Monday, December 20, 2010


Last night we had a few visitors at the house, including 1-month old Logan. He sure was a cutie. And at roughly 10 pounds, Chris and I were able to get a general idea of what a person of that vintage is generally expected to look (and act) like. Which is a good thing, since our experiences with very-new-babies have been few and far between. Logan’s parents graciously answered all the questions regarding delivery, first weeks, adventures in cloth diapering, and sleeping patterns that Chris and I lobbed at them. Poor parents, it was like Baby 101: Q&A. But so desperately appreciated by us!

Later, it was off to dessert with a few gals from high school. Two hours zoomed past. I am so fortunate to have such amazing, engaged, and hilarious women as friends; they are exceptional people.

Also, did I mention that Chris and I finally finished painting the walls of Baby J’s room? Just need to get the trim done now. And the carpet…and the furniture and…Well, you get the picture. We have a lot left to do.

Regardless, I have a funny relationship with paint. I can’t get over how different color looks, depending on the light conditions. Poor Chris almost had to trundle back to the store for a second round of paint-picking after the first coat of was applied to the walls. I love the color when the lights are on…not so fond of it when we’re relying solely on natural light from the window. Too baby blue. Which, Chris delicately pointed out: We are having a baby boy so baby blue isn’t such a bad color. But I was still hoping for something a further over on the blue-grey spectrum. But I can live with it. And it’s growing on me.  Plus I’m too lazy to undertake the task of painting the darn thing all over again.


  1. I literally laughed allowed at that "vintage" comment. Oh my word you crack me up.

    Don't fret about the color. don't have anything in the room yet. Furniture, art, and all of that wonderful stuff will make the color different as well.

  2. Gah...aloud. Not allowed.

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  4. Sorry to have missed the get together, can't wait to see the pictures of your nursery. (sarcasm/) And I think anonymous there is a little late with their highly relevant comment on your post.(/sarcasm)