Monday, December 06, 2010

The Cast

Poor little bunny.

So lovelies, a cautionary tale about bodysurfing in big waves. Evidently it’s way easier to break hands, fingers, ankles etc than previously imagined.

Chris has been a champ and this weekend he tackled exterior christmas lights, painting of Baby J’s nursery, and shaving…Not as easy as one would think.

The day when that thing comes off cannot come soon enough.


  1. My sympathies, Chris! I burned the bottom half of the palm of my hand last month and having that thing bandaged up really put a cramp in my house chores and child-rearing responsibilities. Hope you have a speedy recovery. What's the prognosis?

  2. Oh no! How long does he have to wear it (removal before or after baby is expected?)? Poor guy. At least he got it doing something pretty awesome. It's not like he slipped on the driveway. Or perhaps he did and this is a fabulous story he concocted.... Hmmm.... :)

    BTW, I posted a response to your post about my spice jars, including a link to where to get them. In short: I LOVE THEM. Feel free to ask any more questions.

  3. oh dear, how miserable. I broke my fingers and had a similar cast with my fingers held at 90 degrees - it got pretty tiring carrying that cast around!

  4. We’re hoping that it comes off around New Year’s. That would be the best possible outcome. We were laughing last night in baby class because all the dads were practicing breathing and massage exercises on the moms (simulating labor support) and I got a really good neck massage…but only on one side! The cast is not so good at the massages. Definitely glad that we’ll have it removed by February. If baby comes sooner than I’m going to be in the market for a new labor coach.

    Thankfully, the doctor said he didn’t do a lick of damage by waiting a week to get the cast; we were a bit wary of trusting the medical facilities in Mexico with setting the hand. And, frankly, we weren’t entirely sure that it was broken. Hopefully it’ll heal well and no surgery will be required. He has a checkup next week so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that all goes smoothly.

    Thanks for the sweet notes!