Monday, December 13, 2010

When it rains…it floods.

My dears, 

Yesterday, when our pantry looked like this:

I was desperately wishing I had a pair of these:

Although the thought of buying rubber boots so one can splash around inside one’s own house is a bit on the depressing side.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Did you freak? I would have freaked!

  2. Why that looks like most Seattle houses! I hope it left just as quickly as it came. I used my handy green rubber boots from Chubby and Tubby that PSC bought me yesterday. Although, thankfully not in our house.

  3. Yup. Not a fun day. It was actually good that we discovered the flooding when we did as another couple hours would have had the waves lapping at the stairs. Fortunately it was pretty well contained in the pantry so major harm done. Days like that make me want to switch back to being a renter!

  4. you two need a "french drain" we have one and our basement doesn't flood. I am so thankful the old owner did this. I grew up with a flooding basement in S.Seattle. It really is the norm