Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rant and Rave

So, I’m not loving the Rant & Rave title.

 “Rant” seems a bit harsh. I’ve seen Kisses & Disses before… but that’s already taken. “Love & Bug”? Too weird.. “Hits & Misses”?

Anyway, until I think of something else (suggestions welcome!), here are this week’s Rant & Rave items:


  • To snow that melts before you have even one day of proper out-of-doors play.
  • To the carpet guys that dinged our freshly painted railing. This isn’t a big deal as it’s a tiny scratch but we did put many, many hours into getting the ‘perfect’ paint job on that railing. Good thing I’m so darn pleased with the carpet. 
  • And, not a rant at all, but to poor Bailey who has had a tough week, thanks to all the house activities. He is an anxious dog (I suppose I would be too if I had a history of abandonment and street living) and things outside of his routine cause significant stress. He just about tied himself in knots when he saw that we were moving furniture and boxes from the upstairs. Moving again?! Please, whatever you do, don’t leave me behind! He dogged our every step until we firmly told him to park it in the living room. No amount of hugs, pats, or assurances that we weren’t moving would put him at ease.  
  • To NEW CARPET!!! So soft on the footsies. Love the color, the pattern, the bounce, and the lack of noise made by husbands and canines tromping through the house at various wee hours of the morning.
  • To Megan, who was such a tremendous help this weekend with house stuff. Moving, painting, vacuuming, organizing. She was the only fully able-bodied person participating and we couldn’t have done it without her help. 
  • To my dad, who came over and did a bunch of trenching in the hopes that we’ll avoid a repeat of our flooded basement incident. 
  • To my mom, whose idea it was that Chris and I should go on a big date before Baby J’s arrival. We had so much fun downtown on Monday night. 
  • And, as part of that, to the W Hotel for providing giant tubs in their rooms with lots of fun shampoos and bubbly bath products. My love affair with warm showers/baths during pregnancy continues unabated.