Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tired of Overcast

The beginning of this NYTimes article struck a chord with me as many of us up here in grey Seattle are definitely hunkered down for the winter.

Here’s the excerpt:

IN the cycle of the seasons, now is a time of longing — for backyard sunbathing, for cocktails on the patio, for puttering in the garden, and for the distant time when all those activities will be possible again.
And for those who live in climates where all that is still possible, it is high gloating season, a time to feel superior to those of us who have been slogging through slush, picking our way across the ice, heaving snow with our shovels, condemned to wait out the frigid months inside our four walls.

I’ll admit it: I’m in full-fledged longing mode. But not for backyard sunbathing, cocktails, or gardening. Even at 38.75 weeks pregnant (or maybe because of it), I’ve got a hankering for places like this:

Temple of Borobudur, Indonesia

Whitsunday Islands National Park, Australia


Or activities like these:

Diving in a Jellyfish Swarm, Palau

Elephant washing, Thailand

Such is the nature of longing, right? No where in the definition does it mention the words ‘logical’ or ‘feasible’. 

Read the rest of the NYT article (which has nothing to do with tropical locations) here. All photos: National Geographic. Click here to see more.