Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby Poll Winners!

Benjamin (wearing one of Chris’ first outfits) with Grandma and Grandpa J 


Thank you for your patience in regards to our baby poll.

If you’ll recall, we were going to have two winners, one for correctly guessing Benjamin’s birthday and one for his birth weight.

Here are the results:

Our birthdate winner is Briana, for pegging January 29th as ‘The Day’. Shout outs to Liana, Colleen, Felicia, Kristina, Megan and Dan who were all within striking distance.

Things got a wee bit more complicated for Ben’s birthweight because there were no 7 lb 1 oz guesses. The closest we had was Chris with 7 lb 2 oz but I’m disqualifying him because he had insider information (namely: as dad, he was attending all our appointments and hearing the weight guesses from our midwives. Sorry, honey). The second closest guess was Briana at 7 lb 6 oz (and an estimated time of arrival of 8 am- SO CLOSE!) but as she’s already won the birthdate prize, I’m naming Liana as our winner with a guess of 7 lb 9 oz.

Dad (Chris) 7 lb 2 oz
Briana 7 lb 6 oz
Liana Hearn 7 lb 9 oz

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for participating!

If Briana and Liana could please email me ( your address, I will pop a little something in the mail for you.