Monday, February 07, 2011


Feeling like a zombie today. Very, very low on energy. I'm lucky that I can put a coherent sentence together at this point. Time for a nap and hoping that the baby has similar ideas...

In other news:

After a week of incredible meals, completed house projects, moral support, and hands that were eager to hold Benjamin, my in-laws have departed the casa. I am loathe to see them go. The house feels so very empty, as Chris was also suddenly called back to work.

I knew I didn't stand a chance in convincing my father-in-law to stay longer as he had to get home and attend to business but as my mother-in-law was departing for a visit to see my sister-in-law in Montana, I briefly considered calling up Alex to try and strike a bargain. Something along the lines of: I get to keep Cherie for another four days and that camera lens you wanted? It's in the mail...

But that seemed a bit morally objectionable. Never mind that Cherie might also not care to be used as a bargaining chip.

So I ditched that course of action and am instead focusing on their visit in April. Perhaps if I start petitioning now, I can convince them to extend their visit by a week or two..