Monday, February 21, 2011

Things I’m Loving: Wedding Tree Poster

I thought this was a neat idea for a wedding or special event. Instead of an oversized plate, photo album or document, here’s another idea: have your guests sign a leaf on a personalized tree poster.

I wonder if one could make this into a family tree with ancestors...

From Etsy seller: Fancyprints


  1. I saw this concept, but with THUMBPRINTS for leaves, and then you sign under your thumbprint. I LOVE that idea. But, it was after our wedding... so no go.

  2. We had a thumbprint one at our wedding. I still haven't had it framed, but it looks really cool.

  3. Wow, an even better idea. What a neat moment from your wedding.

  4. Eh. That should have been: “What a neat memento from your wedding”

    Not loving the auto-correct feature. Or my lack of proofing...

  5. This is the most wonderful idea! I think Todd and I might borrow it for when we finally have our wedding! ♥