Saturday, March 05, 2011

Benjamin’s Nursery - Sneak Peek

My Dears, 

I haven’t forgotten that I promised you a look at Ben’s completed nursery. The only problem is that it is not yet finished. Yes, the kid is a month old, I’m aware of this. 

But frankly, he doesn’t really care. As long as there is lots of milk, a dry diaper, and a warm crib, he seems to be fairly happy. 

I care. And I want to finish it. It’s just going a heck of a lot slower than I imagined. 

Here is a quick sneak peek though. I just finished a whole host of sewing projects including three pillows, a bench pad (with a significant portion completed by my mom), an ottoman cover, and curtains. 

I have learned a lot about sewing this week, to say the least. And the seam ripper? It’s my best friend. 

Anyway, without further ado:
We need a new model. This one stinks.